IT Maintenance Service Agreements

On-Call Servicing

PCTS provides on-service agreement contracts to businesses that have no on-site IT representative availability.

If your business needs to have continuous servicing or emergency services and can not wait for the out of area IT representative to respond, PCTS provide a 6 month or a 1 year service agreement.

These agreements allow business to utilize the services of PCTS to handle their entire computer, networking, or other related work stoppage issues, with little or no down time.

These business service agreements provide 24/7 availability as well as priority response to issues that are encountered at the location.

Special Labor Discounts

Any business or end user that establishes a 6 month or a 1 year service agreement with PCTS, receives special discounted rates.

These special discounted rates are good throughout the time of the service agreement contract and can not be increased.

Please contact PCTS to get more information on what special labor discounts are provided.