Desktop and Laptop Repair Services

Laptop Screen Repair

There are occasions where our laptops have been dropped causing the LCD screen to be damaged.

PCTS provides laptop screen repair for just about all laptops except for Apple/MAC systems.

Reformatting Operating System/Data Transfers

What if your PC system had a hard drive that went bad and you no longer were able to access your personal data or you wanted your current operating system freshly installed. Many of us have not taken the time to back-up our personal data such as documents, pictures, music, and many website favorites and when that hard drive is damaged, the end user wishes they had performed such a task. Now you want these valuable personal files, what to do? Contact Us.

PCTS has a very high success rate in retrieving and backing up your personal data from most PC hard drives, provided sector damage has not occurred to the hard drive. PCTS can provide data transfers from your existing hard drive to an external device, which can be used to transfer to another laptop or desktop.

PCTS can also reformat your hard drive and install a fresh clean error-free original operating system, if for any reason you want to have your system back the way it was when you first purchased it.

Hardware/Software Upgrades

Technology is constantly changing and changing at a much faster pace than many years ago. End users today are attempting to maintain their system at a high level to meet the challenges of all the new software being used. Also, storing music and pictures on our PC system have become the norm.

Unfortunately, the system you are using now does not have the hard drive capacity to store those thousand of pictures or music selections. Memory speed is now too low to run many of your programs without locking up your system or taking way too long to open your programs.

Upgrading memory and hard drives are much cheaper to do today than going out and buying a whole new system. PCTS can recommend the best low-cost upgrade(s) and perform the upgrade to ensure that your current system handles your work load or storage needs, without the high cost of purchasing a new system.

Other Services

  • Printer Services and Troubleshooting
  • Computer Networking Services
  • Computer and Software Training
  • IT Maintenance Service Agreements
  • Computer Virus Removal
  • Desktop and Laptop Repair