Computer Networking Services

Network Installation

Most homes or businesses have more than one PC system and need to have each system connect to each other wireless to obtain the same printer or central located files stored on one particular system. This function requires a Network set-up to be configured on site.

PCTS sets up a suitable network for as many PC systems as you need and can setup network printers, as well as central standalone servers.

Home or Business Network Configuration

Most of the new devices used today are now wireless, to include PC systems, laptops, tablets, IPads, smartphones, and printers. Many end users want to be able remove the excessive cords and cable running throughout their home or business and setup a wireless network, so that they can see each others PC system or print to that one wireless printer.

PCTS performs a survey of your home or business at no cost to evaluate what equipment, if any, are needed to set-up a wireless network.

PCTS performs all hardware configurations and performs all hardware security so that the end user has the piece of mind that others can not access their network.